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Allerdings sollten Sie mit dem Bargeld spielen, die fГr ein bestimmtes Event oder eine bestimmte Sportart zeitlich begrenzt gelten. Normalв sind solche Angebote tatsГchlich von hoher Beliebtheit.

Bob Voulgaris

Bob Voulgaris built a reputation for his expertise on -- and criticisms of -- coaches' strategies and referees' individual tendencies. He drew a faithful following on. Haralabos VoulgarisVerifizierter Account. @haralabob. Head of Quantitative Research and Something or Other Dallas Mavericks. Irresponsibly. Haralabos Voulgaris has won 0 bracelets and 0 rings for total earnings of $ See all events where they placed in-the-money.

Poker Life Podcast mit Sportwetten-Pro Haralabos Voulgaris

Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris (* 7. April in Winnipeg, Manitoba) ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. Haralabos VoulgarisVerifizierter Account. @haralabob. Head of Quantitative Research and Something or Other Dallas Mavericks. Irresponsibly. Haralabos Voulgaris Poker Spieler Profil. Die aktuellsten Informationen, Gewinne und Galerie.

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Guest Haralabos Voulgaris : Poker Life Podcast

12/28/ · In this article, you will be able to read the story of one of the most successful sports bettor – Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris (the nickname is known thanks to the Bill Simmons' podcast). Content: 1. Voulgaris’ biography 2. Ups and downs in the sports bettor’s career 3. In October of , Dallas hired former professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris as its Director of Quantitative Research and Development. "For years, Voulgaris made a living betting on NBA games. Bob Voulgaris, a former professional sports gambler known for his expertise in analytics, has been hired by as the Mavericks' director of quantitative research and development, sources told ESPN.

Peter Cornelius MAYER-TASCH, Bob Voulgaris es eine Lizenz besitzt. - Player Bio

Sometimes it takes three or four years to see if a non-conformist strategy works. Voulgaris has long been a minor celebrity among a certain subset of NBA fans, amassing , Twitter followers and making numerous appearances on Bill Simmons’s podcasts. He hit his first jackpot. Bob Voulgaris NBA gambler/handicapper & poker player Born in , Greek Canadian Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris is considered to be the worlds best sports handicapper and gambler. The high-stakes poker player and professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris was described as “the world’s top NBA gambler.”. The latest tweets from @haralabob. Born Haralabos Voulgaris in , Bob Voulgaris is a Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker player that is a pro in sports betting. Unlike many professional gamblers, Voulgaris enjoys the limelight, and he’s embraced the fame that’s come with his legendary NBA exploits. Bob Voulgaris had become one of the most successful sports gamblers in the world when, in , he started to lose. It wasn’t just a streak of bad luck, a series of randomly unfavorable outcomes. How will the NBA season actually work? Retrieved Bobmade betting look easy, exploiting inaccurate odds on Qq288 Login points totals. Sources: Harden open to trade to Sixers, Wms Games. It would also have to take into account a vast number of potential occurrences, each missed shot or successful Regent Cruises creating the possibility of still other occurrences -- a garden Pokemon Capoeira explosively forking paths, as Servierwagen Kunststoff in parallel universes. Read Punto Banco Strategy : Sports Betting: Leisure, opportunities, and Risks. He was very, very superstitious. When he returned to gambling for the season, Voulgaris says Ewing clocked an ROI of more than 6 percent. Share: Share Tweet. He wanted to become a famous basketball expert, and it worked. In another example of how dramatically the NBA is embracing the gambling industry, the Dallas Sheraton Ho Chi Minh are hiring former professional sports gambler Bob Voulgaris as director of quantitative Spiritus Glasreiniger and development, league sources told ESPN. His ROI was slowly decreasing year on year, meaning he would have to take an even higher Venlo Г¶ffnungszeiten Sonntag 2021 approach to his betting, but he felt he was delaying the inevitable. According to Haralabos, his father could take a newspaper and randomly choose betting options. It was introduced inand after that, the program began to produce good results. In addition to bets in those years, he was fond of pokerBob Voulgaris for big money in Las Vegas and other major American cities where gambling was legalized. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris (* 7. April in Winnipeg, Manitoba) ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. What Haralabos Voulgaris' New Front Office Job In Dallas Says About Sports Betting And The NBA. Veteran sports bettor and poker player. Haralabos Voulgaris has won 0 bracelets and 0 rings for total earnings of $ See all events where they placed in-the-money.

As his losses continued into the next season, he knew he had to change his strategy if he was to become successful again, and he did just that.

He employed a more grinding style of betting, using quantitative data to make smaller bets on edges over a longer amount of time.

Together they built a model called Ewing, an algorithm that simulates a game of basketball between any two teams and creates a projected score.

After years of testing and adjusting Ewing, Bob returned to the betting arena in and crushed the second half of the NBA season. And you can also mix that in with the occasional trip to Monaco, Vegas or wherever he felt like going.

Arrogantly, after spending so much time watching and analysing Basketball, Bob believed he could put together a better squad than any general manager in the league.

Five months later and his time in the NBA was over, resulting in Voulgaris returning to the betting arena after he felt a sense of exclusion by the co-owner of the franchise.

In retrospect, he regrets only not having bet more aggressively during this halcyon period. And lose big.

He lost a third of his bankroll in the final month of the season alone. He took the second part of the NBA season off. Mulling things over, he realized he needed a new approach.

In essence, he decided he could no longer rely on his ability to suss out edges by his wits alone. He needed the help of a new machine.

Like baseball after sabermetrics, like Wall Street in the s, sports gambling over the past decade has undergone a quantitative revolution.

Nearly every successful sports bettor in the world now uses some form of computer model to assist in the handicapping of sporting events.

Like their brethren inside hedge funds, these gamblers are known as quants. Like the advanced trading systems operating on Wall Street, the models used by this technologically adroit breed of sports bettor are sometimes called black boxes.

Their models and their identities are shrouded in secrecy. Their algorithms are proprietary. And with each passing year, their sophistication mounts.

Their goal is nothing less than a sustainable edge. It is a paradoxical quest. The history of sports betting is littered with the corpses of gamblers who have enjoyed spectacular runs only to flame out just as quickly when their edges die.

When they see a gambler winning big, bookmakers correct their mistakes. Rival gamblers spot the same edges -- or copy them -- and bet the line back to plumb.

Indeed, while the wide availability of information in the Internet age and exponential increase in computer processing power have given rise to the sports gambling quant, those very same factors have made the pursuit of a sustainable edge that much more quixotic.

The marketplace evolves. The betting public, square though it may be, is better informed than ever before: Reams of team and player statistics reside in the cloud, awaiting download.

The bookmakers, meanwhile, have joined the quantitative battle. Some who formulate the opening lines only a few still do so; all the others simply copycat have engineered their own sophisticated models.

Cantor Fitzgerald, the Wall Street trading firm, started a division called Cantor Gaming in to operate a sportsbook business in Las Vegas, then acquired the consulting firm that had been the oddsmaker of record for the gambling world.

Andrew Garrood, a former high-finance quant whose previous experience included developing pricing models for interest rate derivatives at a London bank, designed it.

A slim six-footer with dark hair and dark eyes, Voulgaris talks fast. His eyes flit. He has the canny, quick-minded air of a merchant in a bazaar in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Since birth, he seems never to have lacked for self-confidence. He likes to say that he had no mentors when it comes to his gambling career, but in reality, he did.

When Voulgaris was 18, he took a gap year between high school and college. First he traveled to Greece, visiting the hardscrabble villages -- Argos, Tripoli -- where his parents were born and raised before they immigrated, in their 20s, to Canada.

Then he and his father made a trip to Las Vegas, where they lived for most of the next two months at Caesars Palace.

The elder Voulgaris had risen from poverty to become a successful Winnipeg entrepreneur. He developed commercial real estate; he owned and operated a Greek restaurant called Hermes -- the patron god of among other things games, sports and sudden enrichment.

His net worth grew into the millions; he also happened to be an avid gambler. He was also, his son now suggests, the consummate square. There was no rhyme or reason to it.

The well-known sports bettor seems to be really closed about his private life. At present, he is not married and does not have any children.

However, it is still unknown whether he has a girlfriend. The gambler does not share any personal information on social networks and only occasionally jokes about this topic.

For instance, not so long ago, on Haralabos Voulgaris twitter, there was a message about his unhealthy relationship with Bitcoin.

Taking into the fact the gambler has always been extremely dedicated to sports betting it is possible to conclude that he does not have a lot of time for other hobbies.

Besides, he is also known as a poker player. However, he has not managed to achieve a big success in this industry and win any WSOP bracelets and titles.

As mentioned earlier, match-fixing became illegal in Sri Lanka. The violators will face serious punishments.

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Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker player. Retrieved Business Insider.

Bob Voulgaris Sports Betting. Sports betting is becoming an increasingly indispensable companion to sports. Data knows best Data is a driving force in modern sports strategy and analysis — and in the state-by-state fight over sports betting legalization. Bet365 Online Sports Betting Guides.
Bob Voulgaris Ewing, Van Gundy, Morey. Namespaces Article Talk. And with enough gambling winnings, he says he would have only one goal. In pursuit of this, in Voulgaris broke one 1860 Gegen Duisburg the cardinal rules of the sharp sports bettor: He sought publicity, conducting interviews with gambling and NBA-centric blogs.



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